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27 Outs…No More


The accolades for Perry Hill go on and on. If I were to include every quote about him that I found online and in articles, you would stop reading because you’d probably yell “I get it already!!!” And while all those quotes would just solidify your respect for the man, I’d rather encourage you to do the work yourself. The next time the Marlins come to your city, go to the game and make sure you get there when the gates open for batting practice. You’ll see Hill hitting grounders to infielders, side coaching players and always with a smile on his face while he don’s his #7 jersey – because Hill loves baseball. He loves baseball as much as any fan or player and he treats the game with respect while passing on his knowledge to his players. Castillo calls Hill, “..a smart man; the most positive person and the best infield coach” he’s ever worked with. He’s consistent, whether be in the clubhouse or on the field. His players even wear t-shirts under their jerseys that say, “27 Outs, No More” showing their belief in Hill’s sounding moto of defensive consciousness.

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Florida Marlins – 2003 World Champion

Jack McKeon

Perry Hill is a very special guy that has made such a significant impact on so many players’ lives; they all just rave about him.  Bone is very dedicated to his job and does it extremely well.  A great communicator, very positive, and has a great deal of energy.  Perry had a plan for every situation we were ever in, and he is extremely well prepared.  When we were in Florida together, I gave him full authority to run the show.  That should tell you all you need to know; He is the Best in the Business!  

Billy Ripken

Perry Hill, an infield instructor of mine when I played for the Texas Rangers, is one of the best defensive coaches I ever have been around.

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