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The Marlins infield did something no one’s done in at least 100 years

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It’s no secret that Marlins first base/infield coach Perry Hill is the best in the business. In his four consecutive seasons with the Fish, and ninth overall, Hill has turned promising infielder after promising infielder into Gold Glovers, including Luis Castillo, Derrek Lee and, most recently, Dee Gordon.

Good defense is nothing new for the recent Marlins, either. In 2015, the Fish set single-season fielding records in fewest errors committed (77) and fielding percentage (.987). This year, the Fish have taken defense to a new level:

According to STATS LLC, the Marlins infield’s streak of 26 games without an error by an infielder is the longest by any team since at least 1913 (when official records began).

The last time a Marlins infielder had a miscue? Almost a full months ago on May 29th in a 7-3 win over Atlanta.

The best infield defense in over 103 years? In the famous words of Perry Hill, “Stop It!”

The Marlins infield did something no one’s done in at least 100 years


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Florida Marlins – 2003 World Champion

Jack McKeon

Perry Hill is a very special guy that has made such a significant impact on so many players’ lives; they all just rave about him.  Bone is very dedicated to his job and does it extremely well.  A great communicator, very positive, and has a great deal of energy.  Perry had a plan for every situation we were ever in, and he is extremely well prepared.  When we were in Florida together, I gave him full authority to run the show.  That should tell you all you need to know; He is the Best in the Business!  

Billy Ripken

Perry Hill, an infield instructor of mine when I played for the Texas Rangers, is one of the best defensive coaches I ever have been around.

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